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Adhesive Systems, Inc.


Cyanoacrylates Are Instant Glues


A cyanoacrylate formulation is a durable, instant glue or adhesive. If your company requires instant adhesives, then choose standardized or custom cyanoacrylate forulations for commercial, industrial, and manufacturing uses and applications. Standardized “instant CA” formulations increase productivity on the assembly line, and are ideal for general repairs for many products.

Super Glue

 Our Advanced Performance Series cyanoacrylates are a great match when a customer needs a high performing super glue. This super glue product is fast curing, easy to use, and comes in a variety of packaging options. They contain no solvents and are non-flammable. A wide range of viscosities are available, including gel.


Epoxy Adhesive


Adhesive Systems, Inc. offers a complete line of epoxy adhesives. Our durable, flexible-use epoxy products are available in one and two-part epoxies for structural bonding, potting and encapsulating applications requiring a strong bond for assembly or repairs that set quickly. All of our epoxies are easy to use.



Credit to: www.instantca.com


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